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When my husband Ben and I moved out to the San Francisco Bay area, I was so nervous! Not only did I not know anyone, but it was going to be a huge change from my Kentucky home. We packed up the car, put Turtle into a tiny tank, and road tripped across the country until we got here. And let me tell you… there is nothing quite like driving down the road (for four days straight) to the soundtrack of a gentle “thunk thunk thunk” of a little turtle trying to climb out of his little traveling tank!

It’s definitely been an adventure settling in here in California, but I’m adjusting to the gorgeous weather and palm trees just fine. I am an elementary school teacher, and it was my love for working with students and their families that led me to photography. Although I first picked up my camera for award ceremonies and Santa pictures, I love packing up the car and traveling to scout out fun locations.
So let’s get together! Tell me your favorite spots, those special places that hold those precious memories, and let’s go visit!